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The Method Works!

“I first starting taking lessons with Cercone Learning in 2001  (for about a year) as an adult learner.  Fast forward 15 years, moving cross-country, after graduating residency, and 4 piano teachers later, I’m back with Cercone learning. Why? Because the Cercone Method works! I’ve tried other methods, teachers and approaches, but Donna’s style of teaching is highly effective. She makes it fun and you actually are playing the piano! Thank you Donna for continuing your amazing program!!”

Edna. M.
Los Angeles, CA

Cercone Music Method

“I have never played any musical instrument with confidence with flair, but always believed that there is a better way to learn one. How to learn to play piano is on the top of my list. I took some online lessons, bought DVD’s, screened YouTube for numerous piano clips and I tried different ways to achieve my goal but to no avail. All of those multiple failed attempts for me, had the same thing in common; they showed tidbits or incomplete learning process. I was miserable and actually believed that learning to play piano is only for the chosen few.

Then, I came across The Cercone Music Method through Udemy online courses. I took and finished the course in two days and I knew that I found the right learning method that suited me. In addition, I am still enrolled with the program and having fun learning as well. So, my humble recommendation for those who want to learn how to play piano is, stop running around and searching for the right course because your search is over. Cercone Music Method is the answer to your quest.”


Fresh Air

“I had taken lessons for 9 years & stopped playing for 20 years because it was too tedious. I started again with my son and in the Accelerated Workshop. It became apparent to me that my years of training only taught me how to play notes but never gave me the tools to understand how to truly ‘read & play’ music.”

Lakewood, CO

I play as well as my sister now!

“My sister took 14 years of lessons in the ‘Note-by-Note’ System. She is very shocked that I can play some music she plays, and she has taken far much longer than I have to get to the same level.”

Denver, CO



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