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My greatest fear

I am a 65-year-old man whose greatest fear was learning to play the piano. I have sung professionally for 40 years but have never considered myself a musician, just a singer. A friend from church suggested I contact Donna and explained her method to me and I could tell that this was my way to achieve my 50-year goal. The thing that so impresses me is the passion that Donna Cercone and my current teacher Janice Staynings have not only for music but for learning itself. Her method is proven to provide focus for any kind of learning. Music is her driver but the process she teaches is universal to anything. I so enjoy the concerts that allow me to see kids (and big kids like myself) feel a sense of joy and accomplishment when they perform. It is such a supportive atmosphere and so much fun to be around. Because of Donna and Janice, I listen to music so much differently-I here tone and context and how musicians blend together to create their sound.

I recommend this to anyone who yearns to hear and feel and play music with great understanding and passion.

Michael Donegan
In Person Student
Littleton. Colorado
In Person Student
In Person Student

I play as well as my sister now!

“My sister took 14 years of lessons in the ‘Note-by-Note’ System. She is very shocked that I can play some music she plays, and she has taken far much longer than I have to get to the same level.”

Denver, CO

Cercone Music Method

“I have never played any musical instrument with confidence with flair, but always believed that there is a better way to learn one. How to learn to play piano is on the top of my list. I took some online lessons, bought DVD’s, screened YouTube for numerous piano clips and I tried different ways to achieve my goal but to no avail. All of those multiple failed attempts for me, had the same thing in common; they showed tidbits or incomplete learning process. I was miserable and actually believed that learning to play piano is only for the chosen few.

Then, I came across The Cercone Music Method through Udemy online courses. I took and finished the course in two days and I knew that I found the right learning method that suited me. In addition, I am still enrolled with the program and having fun learning as well. So, my humble recommendation for those who want to learn how to play piano is, stop running around and searching for the right course because your search is over. Cercone Music Method is the answer to your quest.”


Fresh Air

“I had taken lessons for 9 years & stopped playing for 20 years because it was too tedious. I started again with my son and in the Accelerated Workshop. It became apparent to me that my years of training only taught me how to play notes but never gave me the tools to understand how to truly ‘read & play’ music.”

Lakewood, CO

Age Doesn’t Matter!

In my 82nd year I found Cercone Learning Method online and thought this might be an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong desire to play the piano.

Being retired, and having received a gift from my son of a Korg Electronic Keyboard; I thought I’d give it a try!
I wasn’t sure whether or not at my time of life that this would be successful. But, three years later, with the help of Janice Staynings skills in teaching and profound knowledge of music I am entering the Intemediate Levels. I have a repertoire of many lovely pieces that I enjoy playing and that are pleasant to listen to ( according to my wife )

The Cercone Method teaches you not only the notes and notations of the score, but also the actual structure of the music and composer’s intentions in writing the piece!

This method includes many innovations that makes the studies effective, interesting and fun!

I am indebted to Janice’s tireless attention to the details and encyclopedic knowledge of music and look forward to beginning study of Classical music for many more years of accomplishment and enjoyment.

Remote Student via Skype

F. C. Shaw, MD

I have so much fun playing the piano. I hope many more people will learn about the Cercone Music program.

Our two sons studied music for over 12 years until they went to university. They had great teachers and played beautifully. I loved listening to their practices and attending their concerts.

I have been wanting to play the piano myself for many years but hesitated to start. The conventional way of learning the piano takes so long. Our sons and their friends only played simple songs for the first few years. I would quickly lose interest in playing these songs. I was fortunate to find the Cercone Piano Method program. The system is so revolutionary that a student learns to speak the “music language” and plays “real” songs using the entire keyboard right away. I take lessons every two weeks over the Internet. In 20 months and just 40 lessons, I have already learned 9 early intermediate level songs.

I have an excellent teacher, Janice Staynings. Janice gives so much in each lesson. Our one-hour Zoom lesson covers all aspects of piano playing: songs, technique, and theory, along with some chatting and banter. She makes sure that I progress fast while having fun. Janice is a very experienced piano teacher and fully leverages the Cercone method in her lessons. I will share some of the delightful surprises I had with my piano lessons:

– I learned Concerto in Chords No. 1 by David Carr Glover, an intermediate level song, in my first lesson. We used the whole keyboard and the pedal. It was nerve-wracking and fun.
– We colour our songs and use a funny picture for each note. It takes away the fear of sheet music.
– We see a song as words, phrases, and paragraphs. When Janice breaks down a complex song into these patterns, I can play it and even memorize it.
– I learned all 7 White Major scales in 5 minutes, no need to painstakingly count the sharps. This is just one of the many ingenious ways Donna Cercone invented.
– Janice allows me to choose my own songs. I am working on a song to sing along with my husband. I look forward to surprising our sons with our “performance” soon.

I am having such fun playing the piano these days. I hope many more people will learn about the Cercone program and enjoy playing music.

Toronto, ON, Canada

The Method Works!

“I first starting taking lessons with Cercone Learning in 2001  (for about a year) as an adult learner.  Fast forward 15 years, moving cross-country, after graduating residency, and 4 piano teachers later, I’m back with Cercone learning. Why? Because the Cercone Method works! I’ve tried other methods, teachers and approaches, but Donna’s style of teaching is highly effective. She makes it fun and you actually are playing the piano! Thank you Donna for continuing your amazing program!!”

Edna. M.
Los Angeles, CA

Learning the piano fun as you get deeper and deeper into the music!

Throughout the past 26 years that I have studied piano, I have had a glimpse into the complexity of it––always curious as to how to get a great sound and to learn how to play beautifully and well. Most of the teachers I had were pretty good at basic mechanics––teaching me to learn the notes, the key signature, etc. but never really going too much into what you were playing. That is, until I started studying with Donna Cercone––upon hearing me play a Chopin waltz for the first time, was shocked and amazed to find that although I recognized the key, I had no idea what chords I was playing!

I always depended a lot on my ear to hear the melody in the right hand and try to duplicate what I had heard in the left by having someone play it, or listening to a record. Also, since counting was not my forté either, I could make a Chopin waltz sound like an Argentinian tango––not to mention my “Marxian technique” which I think I got from watching Harpo…

Fast forward 2 years and now I can say with confidence that I can really play better, I count and my technique is steadily improving. I have integrated a great deal more about the music I am playing from the Cercone Learning Method. She has thought out in great detail how to recognize intervals, how to easily identify chords and note how the chords progress––making it easy from the very beginning.

I am not sure what my other teachers were thinking about as I was paying them for lessons, but I really wonder if they thought it is possible to learn to play well by just knowing the notes and without getting into music theory. Then again, for some the idea of studying music theory would be like taking calculus….But a good teacher knows how to make it easy and fun, and Donna is certainly one how knows how to make learning the piano fun as you get deeper and deeper into the music! I only wish I had started with her from the very beginning.

Teri O’Sullivan
In Person Student
Aurora, Colorado
In Person Student
In Person Student



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