Hearts of Peace Music

This compilation, comes to you in two different format – Mp3, instant download or CD, was specially developed for you to take advantage of the recent research in how music can boost your learning & promote unconscious learning — read & absorb information faster, remember info easily, think logically and open up your creativity

List of Songs:

1. Hearts Of Peace – Vocal
2. Enchantment
3. Adagio In C
4. Tiffaney’s Melody
5. Inward Journey
6. Dolphin Ride
7. Tina’s Dance
8. Hearts Of Peace – Instrumental


“I use Hearts of Peace CD often when I want to get something done, it really helps me to focus and organize.
My home gets cleaned so much easier and faster and I am happier doing it!”Use Hearts of Peace Music for Studying
”I use Hearts of Peace Music when studying. Now I can focus and do my homework easier and faster and I get better grades, plus my homework is done sooner.It really works!”Nathan, Denver

“I use Hearts of Peace music when performing surgery on the animals in my veterinary clinic. I am amazed at how much easier I can focus and most important, the animals wake up easier and with less pain.”Dr. Bay, Veterinarian

My husband could never finish college because he could not focus and remember.When I brought Hearts of Peace CD home and the colored filters, he started studying and now he has received his BA and also his MA. He always has Hearts of Peace music playing in thebackground for now he can focus and remember. He now has the job that he has always wanted.Michelle, Denver

“I had to drive 600 miles in one day and had Hearts of Peace music on the whole time, I loved it and was most relaxed. When I arrived at my destination I was not tired at all.In fact the relatives thought I had stopped somewhere over night to rest but I had not. Hearts of Peace music kept me very alert on a very long drive.And the drive went by quickly! Amazing!”Doni, ND

My husband and I cannot argue when Hearts of Peace music is on. So I always put it on because when it is playing, we can really communicate and listen to each other rather than arguingPamela, Utah

“My brother has grand mal seizures. I had just purchased Hearts of Peace CD and came home to visit my mother and brother. He just started a grand mal as I walked in the door. I ran out to the car and got Hearts of Peace CD and put it on. Within 5 minutes he was starting to calm down and within 10 minutes he was calmed down and back to his normal. These seizures usually last 2 hours! I was most, most amazed and grateful!”Jennifer, CA