Studio Policy

Cercone Learning Systems is a Business
that is dedicated to
Excellence in Education!

Over 35 years of research in learning and the teaching of music has been invested and continuous hours are still being invested, in order to create the best possible, all inclusive musical education program.

Music is integral to the whole educational process of any person and because it is usually not taught in schools, we offer the best musical program possible. We also offer brain/learning techniques that help learning with any subject and homework. 10 minutes of piano learning between subjects has the homework accomplished in shorter time with a better retention of the learning. Students who take music usually have higher grades.

Cercone Learning Systems believes in the Win/Win approach to doing business and because of that the following policy is in place to protect that approach.

Payments may be made by:

1. Credit Card automatic withdrawal. $2.00 extra added.
2. Cash - due on the 1st lesson of the month.
3. Automatic Bank Pay - more students are using this very successfully.
4. Check - which is due on the 1st lesson of the month.

Payments must be in on the 1st lesson of the month unless otherwise arranged at the office. If payment is not made within the month, please include a $5.00 late fee.

We understand that due to other areas of your life, there may be time when lessons need to be rescheduled.

Cercone Music does offer makeup lessons:

Missed lessons are made up either within that month or the following months. Many teachers do not offer makeups due to the complexity of scheduling. Cercone works to maintain a win/win approach and we do offer makeups:

  1. Makeup lessons are done with extra classes offered on the 1st teaching Saturday of each month or according to a teacher’s schedule.
  2. Or by coming to another appropriate group.
  3. A no-show lesson (without a prior call) or a cancelled makeup lesson is not made up, but there is a charge for it.
  4. Consistent cancelling and rescheduling of lessons needs to be discussed with the office.
  5. Please give as much notice as possible so that the teachers have time to schedule beneficially use that time for another student.

If there are times that you have not been able to practice, do not miss the next lesson as that is a most critical lesson. We do not work with guilt but with your dream of being able to play. The next lesson creates the motivation to move forward and continue to focus on your dream. We always have something to teach.

We continue through the summer months, for less than 1% of the students return to music once they stop. (This is the same with any discipline.) If you are gone for a longer period, the lessons are made up. Some can be made up before you leave. Makeup lessons are most beneficial for it gives the time to learn more and re-ignite the learning process. There are opportunities for breaks over the holidays.

If you are gone for part of the summer and your lesson are not prepaid, we cannot reserve your time for you. Also there is a $50.00 re-entrance fee for those students who have chosen to quit for a while and wish to continue again.
The re-entrance fee is waived if the stopping of lessons is due to a serious illness.

Special circumstances need to be discussed with the office.

In the case of stopping lessons, please give a 30 day notice.

We expect school students to continue with music all the way through high school. We do not stop math or reading after the 2nd grade and yet many people do that with music lessons. Just as the subjects in school need time to develop, so does music. Stopping lessons after a couple of years creates a great sense of failure. And at Cercone, we can not support that.

Adults, take lessons until you accomplish your goal. At least make it through the completion of Level IV. To stop lessons before that time is only cheating oneself and a waste of time, effort and money.

If you are thinking of taking lessons for about 1 year or so, we are not the place for you. No one wins in this situation and you have lost a lot of money.

Music is one of the most inclusive sports/art on the planet and 1 year at Cercone lays a fantastic foundation. It opens the door to music that would not be opened without that foundation. But it is only the foundation, the continuing Levels build on that foundation.

Music is a long term investment
and a most worthwhile one!
This investment lasts a lifetime!

Best Regards,
Donna Cercone

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