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1. Listen to all four Introductory Audios

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2. Contact Us to reserve your spot on the “a Year’s Worth of Piano Lessons in One Weekend” Workshop

In this workshop, CLMM uses stories and many Mega Learning tools to teach all 37 notes on the staff and shows the students techniques whereby they can remember them with ease.  It is crucial to take the notes to the automatic level in order to begin the study of chords, which are the vocabulary of music.  The workshop also lays the foundation for rhythm and chords.

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3.  After your call, get a jump start on knowing all the keys on the piano.

Types of classes Cercone Learning offers

Private Lessons


1 hour one-on-one lesson twice a month

Group Lessons


2 hour lesson with 2-4 students, twice a month

Skype Lessons


Currently we teach in the UK, Canada, Australia and across the US through the use of Skype via a 1 hour one-on-one lesson twice a month.


”It took me virtually 2 years to accomplish what I could not accomplish in the 15 years before I came to Cercone.” Sam

I’ve learned more in 2 hours with CLMM than I ever did in 4 years of Note by Note System.  K.P. Aurora, CO

“I have found that the Cercone Method is an easier, more clear way to learn music than the traditional method. I am so glad that I found this method.”  Justin, CO

“This method of learning is much easier for me. I am learning songs and I find it to be more enjoyable. I like that I am learning more songs in half the time.”  Rachel

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