Types of classes Cercone Learning offers

Private Lessons


1 hour one-on-one lesson twice a month

Group Lessons


2 hour lesson with 2-4 students, twice a month

Skype Lessons


Currently we teach in the UK, Canada, Australia and across the US through the use of Skype via a 1 hour one-on-one lesson twice a month.


”It took me virtually 2 years to accomplish what I could not accomplish in the 15 years before I came to Cercone.” Sam

I’ve learned more in 2 hours with CLMM than I ever did in 4 years of Note by Note System.  K.P. Aurora, CO

"I have found that the Cercone Method is an easier, more clear way to learn music than the traditional method. I am so glad that I found this method.”  Justin, CO

“This method of learning is much easier for me. I am learning songs and I find it to be more enjoyable. I like that I am learning more songs in half the time."  Rachel

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