Get Started

 How to get started

  • Call Cercone Learning for a free Introductory session which is usually about 45 minutes.
  • Watch the Introductory Video to Cercone Learning online.

Then there are 2 ways to begin learning:

  1. Take the Saturday One-Day Beginners' workshop, at Cercone Learning School.  This provides the foundation needed to move into Cercone Level I. Call for the date of the next available workshop.
  2. Order Music Mastery: This program includes information about the importance of music; a downloadable CD with all of the material that is needed for the workshop, a set of flashcards, and 3 DVD’s of the Beginners' Workshop.

Once the Beginners' Workshop has been completed, Cercone Learning offers continuing lessons in person, or via skype or phone.

"I first starting taking lessons with Cercone Learning in 2001  (for about a year) as an adult learner.  Fast forward 15 years, moving cross-country, after graduating residency, and 4 piano teachers later, I'm back with Cercone learning. Why? Because her method works! I've tried other methods, teachers and approaches, but Donna's style of teaching is effective. She makes it fun and you actually are playing the piano! Thank you Donna for continuing your amazing program!!"

E.Ma Los Angeles,CA