September 12, 2016

12 Intelligences

Howard Gardner, author of Frames of the Mind, was one of the first to speak about the different kinds of intelligences. He helped us to see further and to see uniquely. He began with 7 intelligences and then moved to 8.

I believe there are at least 12 Intelligences as we do have 12 cranial nerves. I also believe there are different octaves or levels to these intelligences. Whether that is true or not has yet to be proven, but the most critical aspect is –


September 9, 2016

Taking piano lessons as an Adult

“I have a desire to learn to play music but am not sure if I have the time or commitment that it takes.”

Music is a deep desire within humans. Scientists are finding that music is an inherent part of the cells. They can even identify a planet now by the sound that it emits.

September 5, 2016

What Music Method should I Choose for my Child or how did the Composers Learn Music?

In countries that have the best education in the world, such as Finland and Japan, music is regarded as a core subject and all study it.

With so many articles written on the importance of music, why is music such a difficult subject to learn today with many people taking lessons yet years later they cannot play.

The answer lies in how music is taught today versus how music was taught to the composers.

There are 2 systems of teaching music today.  One is the note by note system which is currently the most prevalent and the other is Cercone Music Method, the language approach such as was taught during the days of Mozart, Beethoven and others.