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in Aurora, CO.

Are you looking for accelerated piano lessons based in Aurora, Colorado? We are the foremost piano lesson provider in all of Colorado as well as across the world through our skype based sessions. To inquire about lessons for you or someone love please contact us at: 303-552-0398


Accelerated Learning Piano Lessons in Aurora:

1. Work through color.
2. Use of pictures and stories in order to learn the notes much easier and faster.
3. Learn all the keys on the piano in 5 minutes through a story.
4. Learn the vocabulary of music
5. Learn to read music like a book and the hands are trained to shape what you see.
6. Learn songs up to 500% faster and easier.
7. Remember what you have learned.

40+ years in developing the Cercone Music Method.  
Why?  So that the time, effort and money you put into music lessons, either for yourself or your child is not wasted.
Years down the road you or they will still be able to play.
Free Intro, call 303-552-0398 to schedule.

“I am amazed at how much I am learning and how easily I am learning.  I always wanted to play but was afraid of it
and now I can do it.”
“I watch my child learning music so much easier and quicker than I did.  He also remembers what he is learning
and is understanding it!   I wish I had had this when I was a child.”

Cercone Aurora Piano School
3000 S Jamaica Court Suite 215
Aurora, CO 80014