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Donna Cercone

Founder of Cercone Learning, Creator and Developer of Cercone Music Method and Mega Learning.


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"Enjoyed our lessons very much and really appreciated your patience teaching this challenging and engaging world of music. For eight months I struggled in every which way to have a true direction of where I want to be in learning this course, and yes there were times that I thought learning to play the piano is only for the chosen few and so fortunate  to run across with the Cercone Method. I still remember the phrase, " When a student is ready to learn, a teacher will come ". Well, I am the student and you are the teacher. It amazed me that after our class session, I am already thinking ahead when the next one will be. In addition, thank you for the attachments that you sent me, the instruction is a big help for me to understand and learn the techniques needed to play this music."

R. Marucut- Skype Student, Florida