12 Intelligences

Howard Gardner, author of Frames of the Mind, was one of the first to speak about the different kinds of intelligences. He helped us to see further and to see uniquely. He began with 7 intelligences and then moved to 8.

I believe there are at least 12 Intelligences as we do have 12 cranial nerves. I also believe there are different octaves or levels to these intelligences. Whether that is true or not has yet to be proven, but the most critical aspect is –

Are we utilizing our intelligences no matter how many we believe we have?

Without the senses, we do not learn. If we cannot see or hear or feel or talk – we do not learn. So the first 4 intelligences have, as their first octave, one of the senses that is critical to learning.

  1. Visual – Spatial
  2. Auditory – Musical
  3. Kinesthetic – Body Mechanical
  4. Verbal – Linguistic

These 4 Intelligences can be compared to a car. We need oil, water, gas and ignition simultaneously before our car works and we cannot wait a week before we put the gas in, if the gauge shows empty. It is needed now! Mega Learning is the same.

The Key to Genius is using the 4 modalities simultaneously with the Tools of Genius!

The other Intelligences are

  1. Logic
  2. Math
  3. Observation
  4. Science and Order
  5. Creativity
  6. Intuition
  7. Imagination
  8. interconnecting

Donna Cercone



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