Mega Learning

Mega Learning is the Brain Mechanic’s Toolbox. It is an understanding of the brain and the tools that are needed to activate and create brain connections.  This accelerates the learning process.


How was Mega Learning developed?

Mega Learning was created as a result of a deep study of the brain and how it learns. After years of research, classroom testing, observation and recording the results of the students, Cercone Learning has put together this unique set of tools to teach you how to activate and open all of your 12 intelligences.

You’ll also discover the mind-opening power of other innovative unconventional tools such as music, sound, and visual surroundings. These tools are subtle and simple but the results are amazing.


Color is the electricity of the brain. it creates connections, opens intelligences, facilitates the learning process whether in school, business, or self-learning of anything.


What is in the Mega Learning Toolbox?

  1. The brain and how it works
  2. The 12 Intelligences
  3. The use of Color in learning and the many ways of working with it
  4. Vocal Pacing - a most critical tool in accessing easy learning
  5. “Pirates” and how to “Captain our own Ship.”  This is a most powerful technique and very useful in working with children and ourselves.
  6. Tools to learn spelling and vocabulary easily
  7. Music and how it affects learning
  8. Tools to use to cut your homework time in half and receive better grades

Who Should Use Mega Learning?

  • Parents can learn these tools to help their children at home.
  • Students can learn them to make homework easier and faster.
  • Teachers can learn them to make their teaching much more effective.

Start Achieving your Goals